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Molten Handball HX5001 Top Competition Ball

by Molten
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The Molten Handball HX5001 represents the cream of the crop among competition handballs, recognized as the official ball of the International Handball Federation (IHF). Available in sizes 3 and 2, this top-of-the-range match ball is carefully hand-stitched, underscoring its premium quality and attention to detail.

Building on the success of Molten's beloved 5000 series, the HX5001 has been developed with a focus on delivering superior playing characteristics and durability. The use of very soft synthetic leather in combination with a soft substructure results in a ball that is not only comfortable to hold, but also has excellent cushioning and bouncing properties. This ensures a consistent and predictable ball flight, essential during the highest levels of competition.

The inner ball is made of latex, which contributes to the ball's remarkable cushioning and bounce properties. This high-quality core guarantees that the ball retains its shape and functionality, even under the most demanding conditions. The hand seam technique strengthens the structure of the ball, making it durable and able to withstand the intensity of top matches.

One of the most striking features of the HX5001 is its exceptional grip. Thanks to micro PU technology, the ball offers players maximum control, regardless of the playing conditions. This grip, combined with the ball's construction and choice of materials, makes the HX5001 ideal for players who demand precision and reliability from their playing tools.

With the IHF Gütesiegel (quality seal), the HX5001 is recognized as a ball of the highest standard, suitable for use in all major international tournaments and handball events. This seal is confirmation of the ball's compliance with the strict quality and performance criteria set by the IHF.

In short, the Molten Handball HX5001 is a masterpiece of handball technology and craftsmanship, designed to meet the demands of the sport's elite. It is the ultimate choice for professional teams, players and tournaments seeking the highest level of competition and performance.

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